Friday, August 22, 2008


There have been many moments in Shelby's life that I have been proud of her, but this is a biggie! Shelby's been in school only 5 days and can spell and read the word RED! She was in the bath tonight and wanted us to come see what she had done. We looked on the wall and there it was-RED! We are so proud and so is she! Little Miss Smarty Pants!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New 'Do

I got my hair chopped off today. I LOVE it! It feels soooo much better. I was frustrated with my hair because I had gotten a perm about a month ago and already every little wave has disappeared.
Here are the results:

The lady that cut my hair used a REALLY GOOD flat iron. It's called a GHD. It took her no time to get my hair super straight and shiny. The flat iron I use now does a pretty crummy job. I'm trying to get one on EBay, hopefully for a lot less!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Shelby's First Day of School

Shelby had a great first day of school. She was very excited for me to come pick her up and I was so excited and anxious to hear how her first day went. When asked what her favorite part was, she said she had so much fun writing on the smart board. She tried to explain to me what a smart board was and I was and still am clueless as to what a smart board is. It must've been fun though! She told me her teacher, Mrs. Garner, was nice. She made some new friends in her class and saw a couple of familiar faces. At library time, the librarian read The Kissing Hand . Shelby told me the story was about a racoon whose mother kissed his hand before he went to school so that when he missed her during the day he could put his hand against his cheek and it was like his mother was kissing him. Sweet story and very appropriate for the very first day of school. P.E. was today. She said that was fun. Recess, of course, was also a highlight of the day. All in all, Shelby had a great day and can't wait to do it all over again tomorrow! I hope she always has this attitude!

My Little (I Mean Big) Kindergartener

Shelby has anticipated her first day of Kindergarten with much excitement for quite some time now. For the past couple of weeks she has squealed with happiness at the very mention of the beginning of the school year.
She is SO ready for school. She wants so much to learn how to read and spell because she is always asking how to spell something or she asks what a sign says. She can spell a few words already, but I know by the end of this school year she will be able to spell so much more and recognize even more words. I'm so exited for her. She's so eager to learn and loves to be around other kiddos her age.
I didn't know what to anticipate the first day of school. I didn't think she would cry as we left her in her classroom to begin her day, I pretty much figured I would. And I did, a little. Adam even teared up. We are so proud of her and can't believe how fast time has passed that brings us to this day.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


One evening while I was fixing dinner, the girls decided to invent a new toy. Bethany would get in the plastic container and big sissy would push her around and around our kitchen table. Both of the girls were screaming with delight...and I do mean screaming!