Friday, August 31, 2007

Testing. Testing. 1, 2, 3!

Okay, so I got sucked into this whole blog thing. I'm going to try my hand at it. It's REALLY fun!!!
Let's start by playing catch-up. Adam has been an Abstractor and licensed Title Insurance Agent going on 3 years. He loves his job but some days are more difficult than others depending on the type of searches/closings he has. I recently had my second baby girl in June. I quit my job as a Deputy Tax Collector to stay home with my girls. I'm really into MOPS and church stuff and things I couldn't do very well while I was working (i.e. cleaning my house!!!) Precious Shelby is growing up so fast. She is such a JOY!!! She's going into her second year of Pre-k because her 5th birthday falls after the September cut off date. I believe she could go into kindergarten this fall and do wonderfully, but we'll keep her out this year and I bet she'll breeze right though kindergarten. Beautiful Bethany is so sweet. She's almost 3 months old and is holding her head up like a big girl. She laughed out loud today for the first time!!! She thinks her big sister is so funny!
Well, update completed for now. Catch you soon!