Saturday, April 26, 2008


I was just finishing feeding Bethany her applesauce when I decided to start telling her what she was eating. I repeated app-le a few times (you know, in that Mommy way)and all of a sudden she said, "App-le!" She had no idea what she had just done! I yelled and clapped and her eyes got really big! I repeated it again a couple of times and she did it again, twice! Wow!
As of now, Beth's vocabulary consists of: bye-bye, night-night, ma ma and da da. And now APP-LE!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah

Not a lot has been going on lately. My mother-in-law has been down for the last few days for a visit. It's been nice to have some grown-up conversation during the day!
Shelby had her first roller skating experience last Wednesday. She went with a bunch of kids from the after school program she goes to on Wednesday afternoons. Adam and I are going to take her back on Sunday. Let see if the "old folks" can stay on their feet and not their tushies! I haven't been roller skating in probably 12 or 13 years so this should be interesting!
Shel's very last day of preschool is May 2nd. :( I'm getting so nostalgic thinking about her in kindergarten. I just love that little girl soooo much!!! She's SUCH a joy!
Bethers Mahoolahan... (my friend Glo calls Beth "Bethers" and Adam calls her "Bethers Mahoolahan". He's even made up a song to go with it that she just loves! hehehe!) Anyway, Bethany has gotten 3 teeth now and is working on her fourth. She waves bye-bye (with both hands simultaneously) and likes to bite ANYTHING! She's on the verge of walking. She stands alone and tries very hard to take a step. She's such a sweetie!
I'm REALLY wanting to lose some weight. It seems like after I had Shelby, the weight came off so, after Beth, not so easy! Maybe it's because I'm older or something. I've been walking twice a week with my neighbor hoping to shed some pounds or inches...whichever comes first.
Oh, we got a new computer! Yay! The laptop we got 8 years ago finally bit the dust. This new desktop is sooo much faster and now I can store all my pics and music and videos! I'm super excited!
I know my thoughts are random, but I just thought I'd share a little about what's going on in our world. Until next time...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shelby Loves Flowers!

Friday Bethany and I spent some time with Shelby at her school. It was a gorgeous day! This past week Shelby was learning all about gardens and flowers. Everyone in her class got to plant flowers on the playground. Afterwards, they all made cute little flower pots with flowers. Here's some pictures from our fun day!

Here's the perfect spot!

We have to make it just right!

In goes the flowers!

Bethany's entertaining herself while big sissy is finishing up.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Some of Shelby and Bethany's Favorite Things

* "reading" her books
* taking walks around our neighborhood
* riding her bicycle (w/ training wheels)and taking along a homemade "map" for her "adventure"
* writing her name SHE-LBY...SHELLLLLBY! (She did this cheer to remember how to spell her name when she was younger)
* going to story time at the library, school, MOPS and church
* doing crafts and projects, as she calls them
* chewing gum, "Mommy, can I have some gum when I get home from school?"

* crawling EVERYWHERE using one knee and one foot
* going into the bathroom and turning on the cold water in the tub and putting tp in her mouth!
* saying ma-ma and da-da
* sucking her index and her middle fingers UPSIDE DOWN at the same time
* giving hugs and sweet sugars
* shaking her head no
* eating Cheerios

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away

It's raining...AGAIN. We've gotten so much rain here lately! A little rain is good to wash away that pesky yellow pollen, but this is rediculous! Take a look at the results of our last bout of rain...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kindergarten, Here We Come!!!

It's a rainy, gray, and yucky day. Shelby, Bethany and I just got back from signing Shelby up for Kindergarten. Shelby checked out with a good bill of health and is super excited about her first year of school! Me? Well.....I made it through the registration process fine, but I know I'll be telling a different story on her first day of school. Where did the last five years go? How fast are the next 5 or 10 years going to pass? I've heard that when your kids get into school the years just fly by. I don't know if I'm ready for that, but I guess I'll have to be. Shelby's going to do great and I'm so excited to see what new things she'll be learning!