Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wonderful Wedding

Shelby and Katie in their precious flower girl dresses made by Aunt Vinita (Jen's mom).

Beth, Shel and Kate

Poor sick Adam and I

Katie, Amanda, Cory and Charley

Shelby and PaPa dancing at the reception

The beautiful cake! It was so YUMMY too!!

We went to Jen's wedding last weekend. It was so beautiful. The weekend was SUPER busy though. First, we arrived l-a-t-e (try 30 minutes late!) to the rehearsal on Friday evening (EEEEK! So sorry Jen!) We went to the rehearsal dinner and then to bachelorette/bachelor parties. The kids stayed with MiMi and PaPa. Saturday we hurried to do some shopping for last minute items and I DO NOT like to hurry when I shop! Jen, Amanda and I went to get our nails done that afternoon. Wonderful! Adam felt like he was coming down with something that afternoon also. He went to our hotel room that evening and slept. He woke up Sunday feeling worse so he slept practically ALL day! He had fever/chills/sore throat/headache, etc..... Turns out he had Strep Throat! He did manage to make it to the wedding to do the music after several doses of Dayquil. The wedding was GORGEOUS! I had the honor of being one of Jen's bridesmaid's. Shelby and Katie were adorable flower girls and they also had the honor of releasing two white doves at the end of the reception. You can go to Amanda's blog if you'd like to see the girls releasing the doves. Charley was the little ring bearer but he just couldn't stand being in that wagon any longer! He looked so cute in his little suit! The reception was wonderful and the food was great. Now Mike and Jen are on a cruise to the Bahamas and then off to Vegas. I hope they have a wonderful Honeymoon and beginning to their new lives together. They are such a sweet couple!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Shoe Fanatic

Holy Cow! (I mean BUG!!)

Is this a dragon fly? We saw it the other day and I was shocked! I've never seen a bug this big before! If that thing had landed on me I think I would've had a heart attack!
** On a side note I am absolutely THRILLED that Kris (on American Idol) won!!! He was my most favorite all along! Yay Kris!!! **

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So it's come down to this?

"Do not go in my room."

**The sign above was posted on this bedroom door yesterday due to big sister's irritation of little sister's ability to slip into big sister's room and make a mess. Little sister just wants to have fun and be just like big sister. Little does big sister know that little sister cannot read this sign. Little sister will probably continue to enter big sister's room anyway and have fun while frustrating big sister!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

I hope everyone had an awesome Mother's Day! Saturday I was treated to dinner at Outback. I love that place! Adam and the girls also gave me a gift certificate for a mani/pedi which I had been hinting for (a little too loudly!) I'm going to use it before Jen's wedding which is in a couple of weeks. I've been really taking care of my nails so I wouldn't break one of them. But, guess what? I broke one of them on Saturday! Ugh! Hopefully if it doesn't grow out in time I can get a tip put on.
Thank you for a great day, family. I love you!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Randomly Random Randomness

We've had a lot of rain lately and I do mean A LOT! Yesterday was the first mostly sunny day we've had in I don't know how long. It did much to lift the spirits after so many gray and W-E-T days! Here's a video I took of the river going through town. Can you hear the water rushing?

Our church's Children's Choir performed We Can Praise on Wednesday night. They did such a good job. My heart just swells with pride over my Shelby!

Have you seen the new show on LMN called Cook Yourself Thin? If you haven't, you should! It's about these 3 women who show you how to cook the things you love (hamburgers, spaghetti, Caesar Salad, etc.) with fewer calories so you can drop a dress size in 6 weeks! I really want their cookbook! Although, you can find some of the recipes on the LMN website. Check it out here.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Way to go, Shelby!!

We're so proud of Shelby and how much she's accomplished in kindergarten. Here lately she's received several awards and I'd like to share them with you. 1. She's reached and passed her 1,000 Koalaty point goal and she received a trophy. 2. Her teacher chose her to be Good Citizen of the Month. We got to eat a special breakfast with her at school and she was given an award. Her teacher said she always comes into class with a big smile that brightens every one's day. 3. She got a Great Singer award from her Choir teacher at church. 4. She also got a certificate and was in the newspaper for being in the Art Club at school! Whew! We think she's doing so great!