Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"I gonna do it myself!!"

Bethany has certainly turned out to be Miss Independent. If I help her pull up her pants she will actually pull them DOWN and then pull them back up again and say, "No, I gonna do it myself!" If I try to help her wash her hands she says, "I gonna do it myself!" She even insists on buckling and unbuckling her car seat! I've had to get onto her for actually getting out of her seat while we're driving! She's a character but I love her sooo much!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Catch Up on Spring Break and Easter

Spring Break

We went to San Antonio during Spring Break to see family, get my eyes checked and have a mini vacation. It was so fun and the weather couldn't have been better. My eyes checked out good. For those of you who do not know, my retina in my left eye detached 9 years ago and I had to have a couple of surgeries to correct it. I have a cousin who is an Optometrist in San Antonio and he referred me to a really good Retinologist so I've been going back every year to San Antonio to get a check up on my eyes. Shelby even got her eyes checked for the first time this year. Thankfully, they looked great. She has really good vision. Our plans were to go to Sea World while we were there so we thought we'd wait to go in the middle of the week rather than the weekend to give the Spring Breakers time to go home. Well, we pulled up to the gates and guess what?! They were CLOSED!! Guess I should've checked it out before we went...They were open the weekend before but not during the week until a later date. I just knew the kids were going to be crushed. So, we decided to go to the zoo instead. It turned out to be a gorgeous day and the kids had a lot of fun (not to mention it was less expensive than Sea World!) They were really good sports about it, thank goodness. MiMi, PaPa and all of us also went to San Marcos and did a little shopping at one of the outlet shopping centers and we even rode a glass bottom boat! We also went to a Children's Theatre to see If You Give a Moose a Muffin. It was so cute! The girls really enjoyed it. We ate at some really good restaurants and had a really good time with family.

Bethany found a good place to sit and read while waiting to get on the glass bottom boat.

The view on the glass bottom boat. The water was so clear!

Bethany liked to climb on our backs while we were riding the boat.

Shelby wanted her picture taken with a Mariachi band on the riverwalk.

Bethany was saying "hi" to the big bear outside a chocolate store.

Bethany and PaPa waving to the boat that was passing by.

We liked riding the trolley downtown.

The ZOO!

Bethany and MiMi taking a break.

PaPa and Adam.

PaPa was the bird whisperer this time instead of me!

Beth and Shel loved feeding the birds.


After church we went to Grammy and Pap's and had a delicious lunch and an Easter egg hunt. It was a good day!