Friday, November 13, 2009

Fall Pictures

Shelby's 7th Birthday Party

Shelby had a cooking party for her birthday. She loves to help me in the kitchen so I thought this would be a fun thing to do for her. I AM NOT taking credit for this idea though. I found it at Family Fun online. If you ever need a birthday cake/party idea, go and take a look at the neat ideas!

The girls got to make mini lasagnas and salad on a stick. I prepared the meat, noodles and vegetables the night before so they could make their own lasagnas and salads at party time. They also decorated place mats and had cake and ice cream.

Shelby's making her lasagna.

Finished product!

Salad on a Stick!

Bethany was checking out Sissy's stuff!

Shelby wanted a Red Velvet Cake (MY FAVORITE!!!).

Make a wish baby girl!

Shelby's Friends: Gabby, Annabelle, Miranda and Jorja.

Shelby's Baptism!

Here we are, headed to church November 1, 2009. Shelby was soooo excited!
Pastor Stan and Shelby....before....

And...AFTER!!! Yay!!!

Shelby's Awards

Here's Shelby at the Awards Assembly. She got Perfect Attendance and A/B Honor Roll!

Every month a student is chosen from each class at school to be the Good Citizen of the month. Shelby received this honor and we got treated to a breakfast and Shelby was recognized by her teacher for being responsible and keeping everyone on track in her classroom.

Here's Shelby's principal reading what her teacher had to say about her.

Halloween Fun

Shelby's piano teacher had a Halloween Piano Party at her house this year for her students. They had a costume contest (Shelby won the prize for the funniest costume), ate yummy treats and played a piece from memory. Shelby played Halloween Fun.
Our nephew Charley dressed up as his Uncle Bubba for Halloween. Adam LOVED it! It was TOO cute!!

Here's our niece, Katie as Super Cat, Shelby as a HSM Cheerleader, Bethany as Foofa and Charley. They were too cute.