Thursday, March 27, 2008

Family Visits

Over Spring Break we got to see members from both sides of the family. Amanda, the kids and MiMi and PaPa came to visit us at our house at the beginning of Spring Break. We took the kids on an Easter Egg Hunt downtown, ate at a delicious restaurant that has THE BEST fried catfish, and just visited. We had a really nice time. Shelby and Katie played the whole entire time. Charley slept a lot and Bethany came down with a fever. The only thing I can figure that caused it was her teething. She's better now.

Charley and Beth

Katie and Shelby before the Easter Egg Hunt

At the end of Spring Break, we traveled to West Texas to visit my Grandad and Aunt, Uncle and cousins. It was good to see everyone. It was the first time for my Grandad to see Bethany. Shelby and the kids hunted Easter Eggs and broke confetti eggs over each other's heads. The adults got some good visiting time in and we all had a lot of fun!

Courtney, Reagan, Brynna and Shelby before the Easter Egg Hunt

Reagan, Janna, Brynna, Wes and Courtney

Adam, Me, Bethany, Mom, Shelby and Grandad

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Growin' Like a Weed

Bethany had her 9 month Well Baby Exam today and she is: 19 lbs. 1 oz., 17 in. around her head, and 29 in. long!!! She is in the 50th percentile for weight, 25th for the head and 75th-90th percentile for height!!! Where did she get that from? Adam and I are both short! Is she going to be taller than all 3 of us? Wow! She checked out as a healthy baby. Yay!!!
After Beth's appointment we decided to check out the grand opening of Stage (kind of like Bealls for all of you in West Texas). We live in a very small town so the opening of anything, expecially shopping, makes for a big turn-out! I was pushing Bethany in the shopping cart and Shelby was singing the B-I-B-L-E song loudly! Normally I don't like attention drawn to myself but I made an exception because what better song for people to hear?!

Also, Shelby got her first letter and Best Friend necklace today. It was from her sweet friend, Lasey! "Thank you, Lasey!" Shelby LOVES it! Shelby misses you too, Lasey.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I just finished taking down the magnetic letters from the fridge because Bethany puts them in her mouth and I'm afraid she'll choke, and I was reminded of a funny but cute thing Shelby used to do when she was little. Shelby was about 18 months or so and periodically she would get the letter "T" from the fridge and hold the letter like a razor and "shave" her legs. I got a good laugh every time she did this!
Oops! Gotta go! Bethany's splashing in Lily's water bowl...

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bethany's New Cuisine

Since Bethany has acuired her first tooth, she thinks she has to try it out on everything-including dog food and toilet paper! We now have to keep our bathroom doors closed because we have found her pulling tp off the roll and stuffing it in her mouth!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I know, I KNOW...I haven't posted in forever! Sorry! I've been out of pocket lately what with our wood floors in our house being redone and having to stay elswhere and then having to move everything back in it's place and clean up the aftermath. Dust, dust, dust EVERYWHERE!!! But, my floors look GREAT!!! Well, we only did the living room and hall. We are going to recarpet the bedrooms at a later date.
Little Miss Bethany has her first tooth!!! We noticed the little toothie starting to make it's appearance on Monday. She's also standing whenever she can get a chance. She holds on for a little and then lets go for a few seconds at a time. She's a mess! She's into EVERYTHING! Little stinker!
Bethany's picture was also on the news on Monday (I think it was Monday). I sent in the top picture on my last post because the weather guy wanted people to send in pics of daffodils. I just couldn't resist sending it in! The news casters ooohed and awwwed. I was so proud!